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Tsukihime II Prologue Dictionary

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Dictionary of the short story Tsukihime II Prologue


Dead Apostles (Term)

Creatures that made up the majority of the Blood Suckers. Considered to be the prototypical Vampires.

They were originally the emergency rations of the True Ancestors. The Dead Apostles served as living blood bags when True Ancestors could not curb their vampiric impulses.

These creatures whose blood was drained by True Ancestors and bound as servants were called Dead Apostles.

Within the ranks of Dead Apostles, there were those who were unrelated to True Ancestors. They were the ones who acquired immortality (as Vampires) at the end of their quest for magic. They also joined the secret society of Dead Apostles. Although their origins differ, they were still considered Blood Suckers.


Dead Apostle Louvre (Name - Dead Apostle)

Dead Apostle of the Lake. Even among the Dead Apostles, his lineage was an ancient one. Because Louvre was created by the True Ancestor as a form of amusement, namely to appreciate the "beauty" of mankind, he did not possess any exceptional powers.

A few centuries ago, he was pursued by the Executor of the Church to a lake and subsequently destroyed, but somehow he miraculously survived.

Since then, he became dedicated in enlarging his "coven" which he previously did not care about. Currently he was the subordinate of White Wing, who led the largest faction of Dead Apostles.


The Twenty Seven Dead Apostle Ancestors (Term)

The twenty seven ancestors, the greatest beings among the Dead Apostles. More than half of them had been sealed by the Church.

Among the most ancient Dead Apostles, some of the Ancestors had been slain. The reason that the Twenty Seven seats still existed was that the subordinates of the slain Ancestors inherited their seats.

The sealed Ancestors were locked within sarcophagi by the Holy Church. Since they could not be completely destroyed, they were essentially permanently imprisoned. The covens of the sealed Ancestors still existed today. They were working hard either attempting to save the Ancestors or destroy them.


The Mages' Association (Organization)

A self-preservation agency formed by practitioners of magecraft, regardless of nationality or race (of course, in name only).

Its directive was to control, conceal, and further develop magecraft.

The Association had the martial power to protect itself from those who threaten its existence. It also possessed facilities for the further development of magecraft. The Association enforced a set of laws that prevented the criminal use of magecraft.

At the moment, the centre of the Association resided in London.


Enhance (Name - Dead Apostle)

Avenger. A member of the Twenty Seven Dead Apostle Ancestors. Number Eighteen.

He was given the title Blade (Enhance Sword) by those despised him. A Vampire who recently joined the ranks of Ancestors.

It was not unusual for Dead Apostles to wage wars against each other, and the purpose was to wrestle for power within the organization.

Usually the subordinates fought for the right to inherit the title of an Ancestor. Fighting against the other Ancestors was almost unheard of.

Enhance broke this rule, as he actively hunted for the other Ancestors.


DEATH (???)

Assassin. One who could slice the unbreakable like butter, and dismember the indestructible Dead Apostles. As the name suggested, a shadow who was like a Death God.

Like the Avenger, he was deemed an elusive calamity in the world of Dead Apostles.

.... running around doing errands with no pay, what a hard working guy.


The Holy Church (Organization)

The organization that ran contrary to the "universal tolerance" of the religion.

Preaching the word of God, they absolutely did not tolerate anything against the doctrine. Although on the surface they denied the existence of "heretics", within the ranks there existed some who rejected heretics with unmatched fervor. They turned "heretic hunting" into a profession, and a immense department was established for this purpose.

"Executors" were individuals with the power to vanquish Demons. They physically eliminated things that did not exist in the Lord's teachings. On the other hand, Exorcists were individuals in the clergy who tolerated the existence of Demons, but merely temporarily repelled them.


Pepper Powder (Spice)

Hua Jiao Fen (Translator Note: Apparently Nasu wanted to emphasize this is the specific type of pepper found in Sichuan cooking.)

The product of grinding cooked peppers with mortar and pestle. It was the spice that represented Chinese cuisine. It was said the pepper powder of Sichuan was exceptionally hot, spicy, and aromatic. It could burn through your tongue.

Needless to say, it was an essential ingredient of Mapo Tofu.


Burial Agency (Organization)

A branch of the Holy Church. A group of Executor responsible for the inquisition of heretics.

They were not Exorcists who repelled Demons, but executioners of the Demonic.

They never worked with Demon hunting organizations of any nations, and its members frequently operated alone.

The Burial Agency favoured raw power above all. If an individual possessed powers that could vanquish difficult foes of the Church, he/she would be welcomed without any consideration of his status. The Agency consisted of eight members. This included seven members led by Chief Narbareck, as well as one reserve member.


Sister (Term - Name)

(Translator's Note: Very likely Ciel.)

The Executor who arrived at Aylesbury before the party of Mr. Dawn. She had a friendly smile and the communication skills to quickly adapt to any environment. The most virtuous member of the Burial Agency.

In terms of diplomacy and intelligence, she was considered number one in the Agency. However, she really took the Agency's motto "Endure all trials, consume all humiliations" to heart, and showed off her dazzling dance steps in her laced-up boots at every opportunity.

...However, her performances were really sloppy.


Temple (Term)

A previously isolated world.

It was a prison, but for Merem it was also a place of comfort like the womb. After acquiring his freedom, he peered at the outside world through this place.

In the past, many of his "wishes" in his imaginations were born from the theme of the Temple. (Translator's Note: This is more obvious if you look at Merem's concept art, the ubiquitous "Temple mosaic pattern" is found on his clothes, trinkets, as well as the Four Great Demon Beasts. See Character Materials for more details.)

The only thing he loved and longed for from the outside world was the Crimson Moon, as a result, since then he purposefully avoided imagining things with Moon themes.


White Wing (Name - Dead Apostle)

Trhvmn Ortenrosse.

The eldest Dead Apostle. A member of the Twenty Seven Dead Apostle Ancestors. Number seventeen.

A Blood Sucker evolved from a magus. He was the first follower of Crimson Moon.

The classic Vampire, currently ruling as the Lord of Dead Apostles. He supposedly represented the Twenty Seven Dead Apostle Ancestors, but acted as their voice in name only. 

White Wing was the Dead Apostle formulated the game of True Ancestor Hunting, and the cause of Nero Chao's death in the Far East.

He despised the True Ancestors who reigned, with the only exception being the absolute True Ancestor Brunestud, to whom he demonstrated respect ----


Van Fem (Name - Dead Apostle)

Valery Fernand Vandelstam.

A member of the Twenty Seven Dead Apostle Ancestors, number fourteen. Demon Lord of Financial Sector. He was a puppet master who materialized seven golems that people referred to as "fortresses".

Van Fem had an intense interest in human society. He was an eccentric Vampire who attempted to increase his influence through non-Vampire method after the First World War.

Rumour had it that recently he constructed buildings in the celebrity town Monaco, and every week he would visit casion boats where he challenged other visitors.


Princess (Name - Colloquial Term)

Loved gold colour, despised black.

The Princess that the Priest (Merem) spoke about, of course it was that person. The kid only talked about her, it seemed that he never grew up.

On the one hand, the Princess was not very good at dealing with the Priest, making his friendly gestures seemed unacknowledged. On the other hand, the Black Princess loved the Priest very much. She loved him so much that she was hesitating whether or not to just eat him (Translator's Note: wut).



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