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Fate Stange Fake Gilgamesh VS Enkidu

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Southern Snowfield, Desert Region

South of the city lied a broad desert.
Although it was not as expansive as the desert of Colorado or Arizona, the desert extended beyond the horizon when observed from the city. If one stumbled into the desert unprepared, he would likely easily meet his end.
At the centre of this desert, they finally faced each other.
From here, the forest and the city were not visible. It was a desolate space born from sand and heat.
Lancer arrived early and was waiting. He gazed at the night sky in silence.
As if to negate the brilliance of the countless stars, a golden silhouette hovered in the air.
It was Archer. He was garbed in a suit of golden armour and wielded an "unknown object" in his hand.
Enkidu was privy to what that "unknown object" was.
He also was aware the man was airborne because of the power of a Noble Phantasm.
Of course, he knew who the man was.

Heaven and Earth.
The distance was approximately 120 meters.
The eyes of the two Heroes locked.
The downward peer met the skyward gaze, yet the feeling was warriors greeting their equals.
They confirmed the identity of each other in silence.
But in the next instance, the corners of their lips turned into a smile.
They just smiled at each other with a word.
It was as if they were saying, after all that had happened, this was enough.



Southern Snow Field, Desert Region

After exchanging a smile, Gilgamesh began to take action.
The mystical sword in his hand was activated. The Sword of Rupture, Ea, unleashed its true form as a Noble Phantasm.

Noble Phantasms.
They belonged to Heroes, and partly defined the concept of a Hero.
Noble Phantasms could be weapons that Heroes wielded throughout their lives, a part of a Hero's body, or a realm that manifested a Hero's soul. The form of a Noble Phantasm varied greatly depending on different Heroes.
For Gilgamesh who possessed all the treasures in the World, mediocre Noble Phantasms mattered very little. However, this sword was one of the exceptions that Gilgamesh treasured greatly.
The sword bore no mark.
Ea was just a nickname Gilgamesh used for convenience.
Furthermore, it was actually hard to say if it was a sword at all.
After all, this item was something that predated the appearance of spears and swords in history.
It hailed from a era predated humans and planets.
It was the manifestation of pure power, wielded by Gods for the purpose of Genesis. A rarity amongst rarities.
An item that gave birth to this Planet, and cleft apart Heaven and Earth.
It rent the Void to create the Heavens. It pierced the Cosmos to return to the Void.
The power that symbolised the beginning and the end. It was something that only Gilgamesh, who inherited the blood of the Gods, was permitted to wield.
Thus, when Gilgamesh swung this sword with all his might, it was defined as...

Anti-World Noble Phantasm.

The classification of weapon type Noble Phantasms varied depending on their properties. For example, Anti-Unit, Anti-Army, and Anti-Fortress.
In one-on-one melee, Anti-Unit Noble Phantasms would be more suitable when compared to Anti-Army and Anti-fortress. However, the power of Anti-World Noble Phantasms could not be judged by simple compatibility and suitability.
It was the absolute power of World annihilation.
Regardless of the opponent being an individual or army, they would be obliterated with the World they dwell in.
Such was the strike that the King of Heroes swung.

In this moment, Gilgamesh was unleashing this power against a single Hero without hesitation.
It was not for fun and games.
The King of Heroes discarded his trademark pride and attacked with no reserve.
On the Earth stood the Hero Enkidu.
This strike was a greeting to the one and the only Friend of eons past.
It was a hymn that represented his glee of meeting Enkidu again, as a King, a Hero, and as the Friend.


Gilgamesh was not speaking to the Hero, but to the sword in his hand.
As if replying him, the cylindrical blade in his hand turned and twisted the air like a tunneling machine.
The spiraling wind engulfed more air, generating a small tornado.
The tornado overlapped, giving birth to greater and greater wind shear. Everything converged onto the blade, and became progressively compressed.
The hyper-dense layers of gas beyond the limit of physics soon turned into an all-annihilating weapon that was devouring Space itself.
Sound and light converge at the fissure, the blade spun pure silence and darkness. Gilgamesh tightly held the hilt, which was howling like a living creature. He swung at the long-parted friend he just meet without hesitation.


The fissure blossomed.

The microcosm that had been compressed beyond the limit around Ea was unleashed.
The pressure released buckled the Space around, the World was turned inside out by the Void.
Who could believe one swing could produce such a scenery.
The Void leaked from the fractured Space further tore at the Space, causing infinite cracks that further eroded the World.
The sandy ground tore like clay, the sky and the clouds were shredded with ease.
It was as if someone took a painting and put it into a blender.
An erosion unleashed by the strike; it ground at the Earth and rushed at the Hero.

Enkidu then-------


Desert Region

This was the strike that announced the beginning of the Holy Grail War. Or, it would not be surprising if it was the last.

Most Heroes would not even warrant the unveiling of Ea.
The ones deemed worthy by the King, even when shocked by the magnitude of Ea's power, would still meet the King's challenge.
Witnessing a Hero who wild the power of Genesis would invoke all kinds of emotions.
Enlightenment, determination, terror, respect, rage, or joy.
However, there was only one Hero who would feel nostalgia when facing this lump of death and void, this Hell on earth.

"Ahhh. "
Facing this torrential power that was crushing the Heaven and Earth, Enkidu grinned satisfyingly.
An honest attack with no reserve.
Even though it did not have the power and level from the Age of Gods, the essence of this might did not change.
"I am happy, Gil..."
"To be able to compete with you like so..."
Gilgamesh despised men, yet he was more human than men. He detested the Gods, yet he was more divine than the Gods.
The King of Heroes who sat atop of all beings was fighting me seriously, so I must respond accordingly.
Thinking thus, the Hero turned his body slowly.
"Adjusting to the magnitude of this era... it would be something like this..."
As the Void crept before him and shattered the Earth, the Hero smiled, smiled, smiled.

"I shall... unleash all my might, Gil!"


Desert Region

Enkidu materialising as Lancer was probably due to his Noble Phantasm.
However, it was not entirely correct to call it a Noble Phantasm.
A chisel that linked the Gods to mankind, that was the true nature of Enkidu.
It was said that Gilgamesh was a chisel born to Earth because the Gods did not wish to lose power and wanted to be forever worshiped.
Maybe he forgot, or maybe he just disregarded the order, but in the end Gilgamesh did not fulfill his duty. In fact, he ruled as if to drive mankind away from the Gods.
Enkidu was the spear of discipline that was supposed to impale Gilgamesh ---- a weapon forged by Gods that penetrated all enemies and returned the Chisel (Gilgamesh) back to the Gods. As a result, there was a high likelihood that he would be chosen as Lancer by the the Holy Grail.
Also, his Noble Phantasm --- a strike that turned his own body into weapon, was most representative of his Lancer class.
He would pierce and bind worlds.
If there was a wall between the Heaven and the Earth, he would pierce it.
Just like Gilgamesh's rebellion, the Gods miscalculated again with Enkidu.
The "weapon" descent to earth and acquired intelligence through interactions with men. He wished to connect the world of Gods with the world of men in his own way. Returning the chisel to the Gods, by closing the distance between Gods and men.
In other words, the Gods shall not control men.
And men would advance to the level of Gods.
He thus chose to become a "system".
He would become the weapon of the King that ruled the mortal world, and expend himself for the purpose of advancing the world.
He chose to become a "man".
He would stand beside the King and dispel his solitude.

As the world quakes around Enkidu...
The Planet wailed.

Mana gushed from below Enkidu and engulfed the strike of Enuma Elish.
"... don't hold back."
He was not talking to the Heroic Spirit he was facing.
Like the King of Heroes talking to Ea...
He was talking to the mana that was enveloping the space-shattering Void... or rather, he was talking to the Planet itself.
"I am the weapon, wield me to your content."
In an instant, as if the gush of mana prior was just a prelude, several times more mana erupted from the ground. A tornado of magical energy enveloped Enkidu's body.

It was a concept that propagated life.

An ember formed to traverse the terror at genesis.

One that made hell paradise.

Unfazed by the separation of Heaven and Earth.

From past to future, from future to eternity.

Connecting the land and the sea to the sky.

Because life was carved with the terror of sin, men shall even purge their genes.

An amorphous mud puppet. He was a weapon and an instrument.

Walking amongst men, he was called a friend.

Since the world was already hell, humans shall make it a paradise and purge the fire of genesis.

"ENUMA ELISH (Humans, Bind Thy God)!!"

Opposite of Ea, this was a strong strike surrounded by divine wind aimed at the sky.
The Spear of the Gods Enkidu bound the torn World together and advanced forward, clashing with the Sword of Rupture Ea, which was fracturing the World around.

And then...

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